the glitter goddess collective


The Haus of Glitter Performance Lab is releasing a WINTER (WALKING) MEDITATION ALBUM beginning on Dec. 21, the Winter Solstice // Great Conjunction (walking optional). Read more HERE.

The Glitter Goddess Collective is a community of artists, performers, educators, therapists, and healers dedicated to exploring the intersections of learning, play, liberation and social / emotional / spiritual growth. Through interactive workshops, facilitated retreats, and reflective pedagogy, we pursue our vision of a world in which all people are empowered to express themselves and to cultivate wonder. We believe that systems of oppression fundamentally depend on people forgetting that creativity is our natural state of being. Together, we practice getting closer to an experience of flow that precedes ego and social markers so that we can explore and lead from a place of deeper liberation within ourselves. We practice transformation through play. (Founded 2014)