The Haus of Glitter releases seasonal soundbaths + guided meditations to invite you to practice community mental health + wellness

Historical Intervention + Multimedia Performance + Community Ritual + Graphic Novel + Curriculum
Archival Photo: Rey Londres(March 2020)Garza (left), AM. (right)


The Haus of Glitter Performance Lab is a production + fashion + art house for The Haus of Glitter Dance Company + Haus of Glitter Record Label + The Liberation Garden.

The Haus of Glitter Dance Company + Performance Lab is living in + healing with + reimagining the former Esek Hopkins Homestead (built in 1756) + Park. We are transforming the space to create work that investigates lineage; and restores the energetic center of its layered history towards Queer/Feminist BIPoC Wisdom, Healing, & Liberation. Everything we create here is a protest-demonstration against the system that tells us that Esek Hopkins’ home, a symbol of his legacy of white supremacy, is worth preserving.

This residency is possible thanks to a 2-year PARKIST Artist Residency with The City of Providence Department of Art + Culture + Tourism & Parks Department.





haus rock 001
Archival Photo: Rey Londres (March 2020)Garza (left), AM. (center), Trent (right)
(above) this plaque, on the front exterior of the homestead, is missing some information
(below) this depiction of colonization, attached to a granite boulder in front of the homestead, shows two indigenous figures presumably standing on the coast of present day RI. Seemingly approaching the coast, are some colonists - one appears to be reaching out their hand while the indigenous figure holds their palm face out.


When we say “historic restoration”, whose restoration are we referring to? This research-to-performance project is part of a two-year “PARKIST” Artist Residency with the Providence Parks Department & The Department of Arts + Culture + Tourism at the Historic Esek Hopkins Homestead (built in 1754) and Park. In solidarity and collaboration with our community, we are creating work investigates lineage; and to heal and shift the energetic center of this space and land’s layered history toward Queer Feminist PoC Wisdom, Healing, & Collective Liberation.

For at least the next two years, our Queer BIPOC family is living and working in the former home of ESEK HOPKINS, widely known as the first commander-in-chief of the Continental Navy during the American Revolutionary War. ESEK HOPKINS (1718-1802) tortured British prisoners of war during the American Revolution. He acted selfishly, consistently disobeying George Washington’s orders, in order to profit off the transatlantic slave trade route. He’s the reason we have a Whistleblowing Policy in the U.S. After the Revolution, Rhode Island merchants controlled 60-90 percent of the trading of African humans in AMERICA. Esek was hired to command the slave ship “Sally” to purchase kidnapped humans from the coast of Africa and bring them to America, land of the free, to be sold into slavery.

Why is there a middle school named after him full of brilliant Black & Brown children? Why is his house, a symbol of white supremacy, worth preserving as its been, when it could be returned into a space that feels free for all humans? What does it mean for our Queer PoC Glitter Dance Family to be living, creating, liberating, fighting, feeling, & healing here? What does it mean for our community to grow here?

Glitter Goddess Collective Artists in Residence: Chase Hiller (Winter 2020) + Karina Faial (January 2020) + Noel Puello (current - since Jan 2020) + Allam Mella (current - since Jan 2020) + Ben Freeman (current - since Jan 2020) + Jess Brown (current - since Jan 2020) + Rey Londres (Jan 2020 -Summer 2020) + Kenya Wright (Feb 2020) + Sam Zimmer (March - June 2020) + Aline Kovacs & Cherie Tay (June 2020) + Nasirah Duponte "NYX" @siinyx (current - since Spring 2020) + Jay Veras, Jr. (Summer 2020) + Natalie Olaya (Summer 2020) + Abigail Paige (current - since Summer 2020) + Christine Antoine (Summer 2020) + Diana Olmos-Gonzalez (Summer 2020) + Alexx "X" Temena (September 2020)
Community Partners: Seydou Coulibaly & Michelle Bach-Coulibaly - Yeredon Center for the Malian Arts + The Clam Jam Brass Band + Joann Ayuso - MEO: Movement Education Outdoors + Langston Hughes Community Poetry Reading + TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts + TAPA Dance Company + AS220 + AS220 Youth + blackearth lab, PRONK: Providence Honk Fest + Pushed Learning & Media + the Partnership for Providence Parks + The Providence Dept of Arts Culture Tourism + Providence Parks Dept. + Providence Community Library + Rhode Island Training School + PASA: Providence After School Alliance + RISCA: RI State Council for the Arts + New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, Dr. Dannie Ritchie, MD, MPH - Community Health Innovations of Rhode Island, Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, Rhode Island State Conservation Committee, Northern Rhode Island Conservation District, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services, and RIEEA: Rhode Island Environmental Education Association,