Liberation Garden

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at the Haus of Glitter Performance Lab + Parq also known as the Esek Hopkins Homestead + Park

This community garden, initiated by the hands of the Glitter Goddesses, managed by AM., holds intergenerational programming and art-making. The eARThwork here engages Providence youth communities to heal with us and to tap into this City's initiative for environmental justice. Everything we create with this earthspace aims to honor the bodies, minds, and souls lost to the plague of white supremacy; the legacy of creativity & activism we inherited from our ancestors; and the human beings who were stolen, tortured and brought to the Americas on the slaveship Sally, commanded by Esek Hopkins.

What secrets did our QT BIPOC ancestors leave in the soil for us?

What wisdom does mother earth offer for our decolonization movement?

How can Queer/Feminist/Anti-Racist-centered earthwork, grounded in creative practice, be a practice of internal, relational, ideological and systemic liberation?

The Liberation Garden represents The Haus of Glitter Performance Lab's research - at the intersection of land/earth, colonization, slavery, and revolution. While planting these gardens, The Haus of Glitter Dance Company + Glitter Goddess Collective is building installations, (virtual) performances, living history archives, community capacity and curriculum to engage in urgent creative practice around what intersectional decolonization looks like / sounds like / feels like / smells like / tastes like.

Funded by The Grassroots Fund, Take It Outside, RI Environmental Education Association, Northern Rhode Island Conservation District, Rhode Island State Conservation Committee, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services.


Social Distance Spring 2021
  • Community Care + Public Art

This Spring, we are in collaboration with the AS220 Youth program! Continuing the energetic shift of Hopkins Park, this series invites intergenerational art-making, building, teaching, learning, and planting.

Social Distance Fall 2020
  • The GreenHaus Project

The GreenHaus Project is a collaboration between Haus of Glitter, Movement Education Outdoors, and AS220. The AS220 Youth program supports a movement toward a green future. As part of the energetic shift of Hopkins Park, this project holds space for youth to teach, learn, plant, build, and meditate in collaboration with Jo Ayuso of MEO. Local collaborators offer workshops each week, sharing the knowledge and skills to prepare these young artists to build and maintain a COVID-safe community greenhouse until December 2021.

Social Distance Summer 2020
  • Sunflower Phytoremediation Garden

  • Youth Community Service Program

  • Guided Walking Garden Meditation Series

  • Colonization & Slavery Memorial Installations

  • Community Herb & Vegetable Garden

  • Park Cleanup & Beautification (landscaping & public art)

  • Dance, Meditation & Yoga Series

  • Women of Color Creative Circle Series

  • Community Art-Build Picnics: "Floating" Murals & BLM Outdoor Gallery


Management: AM.,

Co-managers: Sam Zimmer + Efrel Solares

  • Steven Choummalaithong

  • Assi Coulibaly

  • Karina Faial

  • Rey Londres

  • Janayla Chavarria

  • Sam Zimmer

  • Benjamin Freeman

  • Aline Kovacs

  • Cherie Tay

  • KeiKei Harley

  • Simcha Davis

  • Javi Hamel

  • AS220 Youth