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Historical Intervention + Multimedia Performance + Community Ritual + Protest + Graphic Novel + Coloring Book + Curriculum

The Haus of Glitter Dance Company works, through movement and choreography, to shift the energetic center of the universe towards Queer Feminist BIPOC Liberation. In the work we share and co-create with audiences, we strive to embody ancestral liberation, healing and love in every step and every breath of our creative process and pedagogy. Our choreography aims to reach beyond the stage and into the streets; into our homes; into our institutions; into our hearts.

At the intersection of Queer Feminist BIPoC cultural preservation + spacekeeping, historical intervention, social practice, concert dance, public spectacle, immersive interdisciplinary performance theatre, and protest/performance art, The Haus of Glitter Dance Co. primarily performs Contemporary and Traditional West-African/Afrobeats, House, Vogue, Breakdance, Hip Hop, and Theatrical forms of movement such as puppetry, drag, mask and the pedestrian. The Haus of Glitter Dance Company, based in Providence, RI, is proud to be part of the Glitter Goddess Collective.

The Haus of Glitter is a BIPOC affinity space and we welcome collaborations with white allies.