Connection Deck

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a collective moment of pause: a moment to reflect on how we can help each other, the way we are right now. In the spirit of this unique time, The Glitter Goddess Collective (@theglittergoddesses) invites you to join us as we explore what it means to connect // disconnect // reconnect in this period of unprecedented separation. To help guide this journey, we offer The Connection Deck, a set of cards that we hope will support us in cultivating connection - with our awareness, with nature, with creativity, with our bodies, with ourselves and with others. What can we build in this time that might feel meaningful for our future selves? What can we grieve and release in response to the shock? How can we find ways to simply be?

Each card is an invitation to play! We'll be posting cards from the deck on Instagram and Facebook (contact us if you want PDFs to print/to choose your own adventure), and we welcome you to join us, in whatever way feels right for you. Practice connection alone. Practice connection with others. Practice connection by sharing with #GlitterGoddessChallenge and inviting friends and quarantine partners to play. Practice connection by taking a photo/video or practice connection by leaving technology behind. As the world moves through this pivotal period, may we experience ourselves pivoting too, toward the wisdom of knowing our lives are linked and choosing to become accountable to each other.