Core Values

All ages are welcome, especially youth and elders.

All skin colors are welcome, especially BIPOC.

All abilities are welcome, especially "beginners".

All sexualities are welcome, especially LGBTQ+ folks.

All faiths and beliefs are welcome.

All vocations and professions are welcome.

All parents and families are welcome (even crying babies).

We encourage you to come late. We encourage you to leave early.

We encourage you to ignore the directions; to listen to your body; to listen to your ancestors; to just be with us as you are.

We must practice Anti-Racism, Anti-Sexism, Anti-Transphobia, Anti-Homophobia, and work to dismantle oppressive systems and ideologies that are embedded in our practice and in our ways of being together.

We must practice and breathe as a community together to move towards individual and collective liberation.