The Historic Haus of Glitter Performance Lab (2019)

Formerly The Esek Hopkins Homestead (1756)

Indigenous People: Narragansett & Wampanoag (Forever)

haus rock 001
Archival Photo: Rey Londres (March 2020)Garza (left), AM. (center), Trent (right)
Archival Photo: Rey Londres(March 2020)Garza (left), AM. (right)

The Historic Haus of Glitter Performance Lab + Parq is an interdisciplinary production/design house, home to our independent record label, dance + performance company, community garden, and indoor + outdoor community gallery + healing space.

Matt Garza (they/he), Anthony "AM." Andrade (they/he) & Trent "TrashGoaT" Lee (they/he), Co-Directors of the Haus of Glitter Performance Lab, are occupying and reclaiming the former Esek Hopkins Homestead (built in 1756). Home to The Haus of Glitter Dance Company, "The Haus" + Parq is a space to create work that investigates lineage; and restores the energetic center of this space’s layered history towards Queer Feminist PoC Wisdom, Healing, & Liberation. Everything we create with this earthspace aims to honor the bodies, minds, and souls lost to the plague of white supremacy; the legacy of creativity & activism we inherited from our ancestors; and the human beings who were stolen, tortured and brought to the Americas on the slaveship Sally, commanded by Esek Hopkins.

Everything we create here is a protest-demonstration against the system that tells us that Esek Hopkins’ home, a symbol of his legacy of white supremacy, is worth preserving.

This residency is possible thanks to a 2-year PARKIST Artist Residency with the Providence Department of Art + Culture + Tourism & The Providence Parks Department.

Co-Directors of The Haus of Glitter Performance Lab & Haus of Glitter Dance Company:

Glitter Goddess Collective Artists in Residence:

  • Chase Hiller (Winter 2020)

  • Karina Faial (current - since Winter 2020)

  • Noel Puello (current - since Winter 2020)

  • Allam Mella (current - since Winter 2020)

  • Ben Freeman (current - since Winter 2020)

  • Jess Brown (current - since Winter 2020)

  • Rey Londres (current - since Winter 2020)

  • Kenya Wright (Feb 2020)

  • Sam Zimmer (March - June 2020)

  • Aline Kovacs & Cherie Tay (June 2020)

  • Nasirah Duponte "NYX" @siinyx (current - since Spring 2020)

  • Natalie Olaya (Summer 2020)

  • Abigail Paige (current - since Summer 2020)

  • Christine Antoine (Summer 2020)

  • Diana Olmos-Gonzalez ( Summer 2020)

  • Alexx Temena (September 2020)

Community Partners: Seydou Coulibaly & Michelle Bach-Coulibaly - Yeredon Center for the Malian Arts + The Clam Jam Brass Band + Joann Ayuso - MEO: Movement Education Outdoors + + Langston Hughes Community Poetry Reading + TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts + TAPA Dance Company + AS220 + AS220 Youth + Blackearth Lab, PRONK: Providence Honk Fest + Pushed Learning & Media + the Partnership for Providence Parks + The Providence Dept of Arts Culture Tourism + Providence Parks Dept. + Providence Community Library + RI Training School + PASA: Providence After School Alliance + RISCA: RI State Council for the Arts + New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, Dr. Dannie Ritchie, MD, MPH - Community Health Innovations of Rhode Island, Roger Williams Park Botanical Center

Friends of the Haus: Darlene "Lady D" & Tony Andrade, Iliana Saavedra & Mike Spremulli, San Shoppell, Micah Salkind, Gina Rodriguez-Dixon, Katherine Hypolite-Macmannis, MJ Robinson, Wendy Nilson & The Parks Team, Elizabeth Ochs, Liz & Jake Richards-Hegnauer, Holly Leigh Wrona, Ally Trull, Dana Woodruff, Ally Trull, Kristen Angelos, Andy Quijada, Alex Salazar, San Shoppell,