Ben Freeman

Who is BFree?

Ben Freeman (he/him/his) is an artist, educator, and interfaith chaplain from the San Francisco Bay Area who believes that nurturing the inner child is key to spiritual well-being and collective growth. His artistic work includes his forthcoming full-length album, Quiet Fury; his graduate school thesis, an interactive, mixed-media text called “Being Here: The Child You Were And Are”; directing the world premiere staged reading of Jude Sylvan’s musical Beloved King; an epistolary book of collages that serve as meditations on sexual ethics; his 2015 EP, Providence; the full-length play, The Shape of the Entire; and the play that he wrote in the fifth grade, SHATTERED: A Drama in Two Acts, which he has facilitated as a performance piece in Providence, New York, Boston, and San Francisco. A founding member of the Glitter Goddess Collective, Ben also works as a freelance facilitator, creating interactive and playful experiential learning programs at the intersection of creative practice, nondenominational spiritual care, and anti-oppression work. Ben is a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Divinity School.

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