Debbie Newman

Who is Debbie?

Debbie Newman is an artist, a dreamer, a mother, a collector of dogs, and an aspiring children's book writer. A lifelong New Yorker and reformed celebrity news “journalist,” Debbie woke up one day in 2011 and knew there had to be more to this world than writing about reality television. So she went back for her teaching degree, and spent the next several years earning a far more serious living playing dress up, making silly animated snowmen, and teaching tiny humans to be their best/messiest selves. She currently works as a special needs educator in NYC, where she provides structured 1:1 support and remediation to her middle and high school students. (She is also co-founder of the satirical newspaper and co-creator of the renowned karaoke lunch club.)

Outside of school, Debbie is an avid ice coffee drinker, an overly competitive board game player, and a strong proponent of dad jokes. She has never attempted to make her own sourdough. Instead, she spends her nonexistent downtime chasing after her own tiny human, who has already taught her that imaginary friends are real, all boo boos can be kissed away, and everyone should always reach for the moon.