BREATHE WITH US! In partnership with AS220 + the Providence Community Libraries (PCL), we are now offering virtual AND physical distance yoga this fall.


@ The Haus of Glitter Performance Lab + Parq - 97 Admiral St Prov 02908 - MUST REGISTER HERE

  • MONDAYS 7:30am (Garza) - DECOLONIZATION YOGA (Physical Distance Group) - $50 for 5 class series

  • TUESDAYS 7:30am (Garza) - 1on1 YOGA for BIPOC - Sliding Scale $5 - $150 / private session*

  • WEDNESDAYS 7:30am (Garza) - 1on1 YOGA for ALL BODIES - Sliding Scale $5 - $150 / private session*

*please register for only one private session to keep availability open for others


We will be posting flows for you to practice live or on your own as many times as you wish. All of this season's flows are available on our Youtube Channel. Please subscribe and explore the PCL YouTube Channels' abundance of magic!


Sweat with us. What wisdom does the body have for our revolution? How can we practice decolonizing the "self"?

1st & 3rd FRIDAYS 8am EST (Trent) - RESTORATIVE FLOW

Slow down with us. How can healing be a form of protest? What tension are we ready to release and restore?

All Donations will go towards community decolonization projects at The Haus of Glitter Performance Lab + Parq (formerly Esek Hopkins Homestead & Park).

Venmo: @TheGlitterGoddesses (suggested donation $5 - $20)

ALL BODIES are welcome. QT BIPoC Families especially welcome. Kids welcome. Pets welcome. Pajamas/Costumes welcome. Glass of wine welcome. Start over. Finish early. Ignore all our directions and do your own thing. Dance while we stretch. Wrap yourself in a snuggie and just breathe with us. Get online with us just to be with us.

The Glitter Goddess Collective believes that our bodies hold ancestral and universal wisdom and insight for the revolution. It feels so uplifting and grounding to practice in community. These offerings are a space for us to practice resilience and healing together; to shift our energetic center towards liberation for all.

LIVE from NYC & the Esek Hopkins Homestead (RI) - thanks to the Providence Parks Department & Providence Art Culture Tourism